What is cryptocurrency or Bitcoin / Detail knowledge about all cryptocurrencies?


Hello friends, you are again warm welcome in your blog its name is the Rich mindset. In this article, we learned about cryptocurrency in detail. 

We try to clear all doubts about Bitcoin, like What Is Cryptocurrency? What is the current cryptocurrency status in India, Is bitcoin legal in India? What is the long run of cryptocurrency in India, how are bitcoins taxed in India? How to Buy cryptocurrency in India, and there are top 7 crypto exchanges in India where you will buy bitcoins, altcoins.

All question answers I try to explain in detail, Every Indian people must have to learn about bitcoin, it must know every person because upcoming days bitcoin boom in India. 

All should know. How to earn money online by bitcoin much more.

History of cryptocurrency

The story of this virtual currency began with one person: cryptographer David Chaur.

 In 1983, the Americans developed a cryptographic system called ECASH.
Twelve years later, he developed another system, Digicash, which uses encryption technology for secret economic transactions.
The idea or term “cryptocurrency” appeared in 1998. 

In the same year, We Dai began to consider using an encryption system to develop a new payment method. The main feature is decentralization.

Digital currency

Digital currency is any currency, any currency, or any currency value that is mainly managed, stored, or exchanged in a digital computer system (especially via the Internet).
Types of digital currency include encrypted currency, virtual currency, and central bank digital currency.

What Is Cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin is one of the first kinds of cryptocurrency, part of the global peer payment system. Cryptocurrency is digital money. It is considered safer than important money. 

Cryptocurrency uses something called cryptography to ensure its transactions.
Cryptography, to put it in simple words could also be a way of converting comprehensible data into complicated codes which are tough to crack.
Cryptocurrencies are classified as a subset of digital coins, alternative coins, and virtual currencies. Bitcoin was the first-ever cryptocurrency created within the year 2009.

Subsequently, there has been a rapid increase within the number of cryptocurrencies that are created a variety of which are Litecoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Dash, Ripple, etc.

Bitcoins, India, slowly started gaining popularity, given the government’s efforts. Bitcoins, in India, have slowly started gaining popularity, given the efforts of the govt to maneuver towards a cashless economy.

However, one should know that bitcoins, as of today, aren’t centrally administered or regulated by any specific body a bit like the RBI which administers physical currency in India.

In fact, peer-to-peer transactions with bitcoins are managed using something mentioned as blockchain technology which may be a public ledger for all transactions.

How Cryptocurrencies work

Cryptocurrencies work with a technology called Blockchain. Blockchain is a decentralized technology distributed on many computers that administer and register transactions.

The attractiveness of this technology is your safety.

What is the current cryptocurrency status in India?

However, buying Bitcoin is totally legal in India. There is no law that prohibits India from buying/selling Cryptocurrency in India.

He said that there was a banking ban between July 2018 – March 2020 because of which cryptocurrency exchanges weren’t able to hold bank accounts.

However, the Indian Supreme Court canceled the banking ban by 2020.

As far as the WazirX platform cares, Shetty said it is a part of the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI). Currently, we work on Cryptocurrency’s Code of Ethics in India.

Is bitcoin legal in India?

As previously discussed, Bitcoin, as a payment media, has no authority or is regulated by any Central Authority in India.

Further, no set rules, regulations, or guidelines are laid down for resolving disputes that might arise while handling bitcoins.

Therefore, Bitcoin transactions come with a series of their own risks.

However, considering this background, a person cannot conclude that Bitcoin is illegal, so far, there has been no bitcoin ban in India.

The Indian Supreme Court has a decision spoken on February 25, 2019, requiring the government to return up with Cryptocurrency regulation policies.

The matter had been adjourned within the hearing on 29 March 2019 and has been rescheduled for hearing within the second week of July 2019.

What is the long run of cryptocurrency in India?

Dubey said that in India, regulators and skeptical governments about virtual currencies.

“Because of the official Cryptocurrency and official digital currency regulations, 2021 already exist in the pipe to form a “facilitation framework” for the creation of an official digital currency that can be released by the RBI, the road on the front will be chaotic for personal cryptocurrency because the bill mentioned above will prohibit.

All personal items in India, but will leave some exceptions to classify the underlying Cryptocurrency technology and its use, “said Dubby.

However, Shetty thinks the long run is exciting for cryptocurrency in India.

We have seen our prime minister speak positively about Blockchain, and I’m sure he will confirm that Indian youth is not behind this global phenomenon! Slowly, more and more people become aware of crypto and wanting to pursue a career in Blockchain.

Positive regulations will provide a big boost to the adoption of Crypto in India with more startup development projects in Blockchain.

With tech giants like JP Morgan, and Facebook jumping on the crypto bandwagon, within subsequent few years, crypto will become mainstream, and we’ll see more and more use-cases of crypto come to life. The long-run is exciting!”

How are bitcoins taxed in India?

The concept of bitcoins being quite new to the Indian market, apparently the govt has not brought Bitcoin’s tax to the legal book.

At a similar time, the levy of tax on bitcoins cannot be ruled out because the Indian tax laws have always sought taxation received no matter the form during which it’s received.

Therefore, the likelihood of tax on bitcoins is often verified under the next Circumstances:

In India, the govt. Is taking various steps to observe transactions in cryptocurrencies, since it’s difficult for them to trace the movement of funds

Note that investing in virtual currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Mon-roe falls during a grey area in India.

Before making any transactions, we’d wish to attend to determine how the govt. Treats crypto-currency investments.

Three Main Types of Cryptocurrency


What is bitcoin, we knew, in 2008, the idea of bitcoin turned into finding out. someone named Satoshi Nakamoto posted the white paper online.

But it became later found out that Satoshi Nakamoto turned into no longer this individual’s real name. Even today, no person is aware of the actual name of the writer of bitcoin!

At the time, no person knew that bitcoin could come to be what it’s miles these days. No person knew that it’d be the beginning of a massive technological movement however it changed.

It was the beginning of cryptocurrencies — the start of brand-new technology.


Subsequent, we’ve got altcoins. Proper now, there are more than one thousand altcoins in lifestyles! However, don’t allow that variety to scare you — most of the people of altcoins are just trade versions of bitcoin with minor changes. That’s how they got the call ‘Altcoins’.

It’s important to understand, although, that now not all altcoins are just exchange variations of bitcoin. There are some who are very, very extraordinary from bitcoin and have very exceptional dreams/functions.

Shakers are people that confirm Transactions for rewards, much like miners. But instead of racing to confirm a block before each person else does, they’re selected one after the other to take their turn.

This makes use of a lot less energy due to the fact they aren’t hundreds of miners the use their electricity to try to confirm the same block. As an alternative, there’s just one ‘stake in keeping with the block.

Do you spot? Now not all altcoins are excellent similar to bitcoin.

In reality, Ethereum and neo are examples of altcoins that might be top-notch, first-rate distinctive from bitcoin.

Do you already know That bitcoin is used as a digital foreign money, proper? Nicely, Ethereum and neo have been no longer designed to be used as virtual foreign money.

As a substitute, they have been designed as massive structures for constructing apps on a blockchain.

That’s right — on Ethereum and neo, you can certainly construct your personal applications.

This is the maximum, not unusual way that new cryptocurrencies are created, they are made on blockchains that permit app building, like Ethereum and neo.

That is all possible because Ethereum delivered new technology to the crypto global while it released in 2015.

This era is referred to as a smart contract. a clever settlement can mechanically execute transactions whilst certain matters appear.

Because of smart contracts, no third celebration is wanted. bitcoin manner there’s no 0.33 birthday celebration wished indirect bills, but clever contracts mean there may be no THIRD celebration wished in masses of things — like the sale of a residence, the sale of strength, or the sale of Inventory at the stock marketplace.

Of the route, you can’t without a doubt put electricity right into a smart agreement, are you able to? So, as an alternative, you put a token into the smart agreement that legally represents the electricity.

This is one of the best things approximately clever contracts on Ethereum, neo, and similar altcoins — you may tokenize actual things and positioned them on the blockchain.


In the assessment of bitcoin, Ethereum is a platform that allows people to build apps, tokens, and clever contracts. Its currency is known as ether (eth).

In advance, we checked out how essential smart contracts have been and how many possibilities they unlocked for the future. Now, allow to examine the primary professionals and cons for Ethereum:


• users of apps constructed on Ethereum will always need ether. They need either to pay for transaction costs at the apps because the apps run on the Ethereum blockchain. So, similar to the peanut butter jelly sandwich, ether will by no means go out of style!

• maximum of those projects will take years to increase, but plenty of them may be large when they’re finished.

• Pace. Ethereum can technique transactions in a matter of seconds, whereas bitcoin’s transactions take upwards of 10 minutes.


• there is more extra ether cash than there are bitcoins. Earlier, we mentioned how a part of bitcoin’s value came from the reality that there may be a limited delivery.

This is not the case with Ethereum — there are nearly a hundred,000,000 ether coins in the meanwhile, and they’ll never stop being created.

However, the rate at which they’re being produced will slow down greatly, so it isn’t tons of trouble in my opinion.


Basically, Ripple is a blockchain that is designed to be utilized by banks to make their bills quicker. It’s far called the banker’s coin, and there are many partnerships with international banks currently being labored on.


• Huge, well-reputable companies (like international banks) are trusting ripple. Big monetary corporations (inclusive of banks and governments) have partnered with the ripple.

Many extras are yet to partner however have plans to. So, as an alternative to fiat currency, ripple can be the high-quality choice for you inside the international of finance.

Because it’s miles running with governments, the strength it must be extensive could be the purpose it succeeds.


 In contrast to different cryptocurrencies, ripple isn’t decentralized. Alternatively, it is centralized. The agency at the back of the ripple (known as ripple labs) owns most of the ripple tokens (XRR).

So, if they wanted to, they would promote all of their tokens and the price of XRR might move down plenty. This is extremely not likely due to the fact they wouldn’t need to sell all their tokens.

But, I have to make a factor approximately it due to the fact it’s far still feasible.

Lite coin

Litecoin is a fork of bitcoin! So, basically, the blockchain of Litecoin was once part of bitcoin’s blockchain, however, it cut up while the Litecoin replacement became presented. 

So, it’s very similar, but it has distinctive capabilities to bitcoin. It becomes created to enhance what bitcoin had created.

Litecoin has been in the information loads currently because it might be the first cryptocurrency to apply the lightning network.
The lightning community solves quite a few issues for cryptocurrencies, inclusive of scalability — using the lights network, Litecoin could be capable of method many greater transactions in keeping with the second.


• Litecoin is both quicker and plenty less expensive than bitcoin. Litecoin transactions take seconds, like Ethereum transactions. Bitcoin transactions take upwards of 10 minutes.

Additionally, bitcoin transactions can be high-priced, which makes them pointless for sending small amounts.

As Litecoin transactions are a great deal cheaper, Litecoin is lots higher for micropayments (small bills), that is why it’s far known as a “lite” coin.

How to Buy cryptocurrency in India

There are top 7 crypto exchanges in India where you’ll buy bitcoins, altcoins

1. WazirX 

2. BuyUCoin. BuyUcoin is another pioneer within the crypto-currency market in India.

3. CoinDCX. …

4. Bitbns. …

5. Zebpay

6. CoinSwitch

7. Giottus

1. WazirX

Wazirx is the most successful exchange of crypto go in India, which began to market on March 8 and aims to be the most reliable indigenous criptomonecurence exchange.

Wazirx, the exchange of Indian Cryptocurrency, helps you buy, sell, and exchange a basket of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others.

Wazirx even has my own WRX tokens that you can use to pay for transaction fees.

Established in 2018, by Nischal Shetty, Sameer Mhatre, and Siddharth Menon, Wazirx can be accessed by new Crypto investors and professional traders.

You can start investing in Cryptocurrency by buying Bitcoin using Indian Rupees. Bitcoin is currently priced at INR 5,30,000. But you’ll buy 0.0001 Bitcoin for Rs. 54 also.

website link click here

Table of Contents

 #1. Accessible Across Platforms

• #2. Range of Cryptocurrency

• #3. Speed Transaction

• #4. Access to Advanced Trading Tools

• #5. Spot Exchange, P2P Market Place, and STF

• #1. Trading Fees

• #2. Withdrawal Fees

• #1. Sign up on WazirX

• #2. Fill Details to start out out Creating Account

• #3. Email Verification and Account Security Setup

• #4. Select Country and Choose Account

• #1. Using Spot Exchange

• #2. Using P2P Market

2. BuyUCoin

BuyUcoin is another pioneer within the crypto-currency market in India.

It provides a convenient and trustworthy forum for several cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, List, NEM, Civic, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and much of others to urge, exchange.

The functionality of periodic transactions has now been introduced to buy for You Coin so that users can participate in crypto as a SIP.

To stop the danger of a blanket ban on cryptos in India, BuyUcoin has created and proposed a “sandbox” system to observe cryptocurrencies in India.

 To possess uncheckable protection, the platform stores 95% of your funds offline.

3. CoinDCX

CoinDCX was launched on April 7, 2018, with the goal of offering a user-friendly experience. where users can access an honest kind of financial products and services enabled by industry-leading security and insurance protection processes.

Apart from bank transfers, different payment strategies like UPI and IMPS are also approved.

4. Bitbns

Bitbns could also be a peer-peer (P2P) sharing the site to provide and take bitcoins. The P2P model allows users to urge and sell cryptocurrency without the intervention of a third party.

Bitbns allows you to automate your orders with advanced tools & features. With 98+ cryptocurrencies currently listed, Bitbns allows users to urge and sell cryptocurrencies at the only available rates and provides simple trading like no other cryptocurrency exchange.

5. Zebpay

Zebpay is that the business of cryptocurrencies since the year 2014, reaching great heights of over 3 million customers and $2 billion in fiat transactions.

It offers to buy for Bitcoin and a spread of Altcoins instantly with guaranteed execution and minimal slippage. 

A strong security mechanism includes control for dams all transactions out with outgoing transaction features.

6. CoinSwitch

CoinSwitch Kuber could also be a stable and user-friendly crypto trading site for users in India.

 Its users can access the combined liquidity of India’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges to urge the only offer and trade instantaneously after finishing KYC/AML procedures.

CoinSwitch Kuber software is that the simplest cryptocurrency exchange for Indians, offering a smooth user experience with a transparent interface. The platform is true for beginners also as daily doers.

7. Giottus

Giottus Cold wallets are protected by 100% cyber-theft insurance.

They have also to collaborate with the worldwide custodial service pioneer, Bitgo, to provide coverage for your savings provides 24 x 7 free instant deposits & rupees withdrawals that are processed in 10 seconds. 

you merely need to register and acquire a chance to win up to 10,000 Matic Tokens for free of charge.

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