Eligibility criteria for google Adsense

No doubt, every buddy or new website maker or blogger is trying are to approval for a Google AdSense account. because they know, Google AdSense approval is most important.

because they know after approval they earn lots of money by AdSense approval, run ads on his web page.

but that all things are not an easy task, they required lots of-lots of hard effort in the right path but the main thing is that no buddy know what is an actual way to achieve that many people are trying but they were failed because of a lack of knowledge and lack of patience.

some peoples are doing this task and they got success his task because they knew these all things and all right ways.

today I tell you these all secrets which will help you to got success in your field in web line.

The first question why we need google AdSense approval because that with the approval of Google AdSense, they start ads on your web page and you got to earn from these ads when any person clicks on any ads then you got to earn.

it’s not fixed, it depends on your traffic on your website.

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The next question is:- what is the legibility for google AdSense approvals there is the following eligibility for approvals of Google AdSense such as

1. Own domain name:

2. User own website:

3. User age at least 18 years old:

4. Do not use copyright contents:

5. You must own control of your website:

6. Your website should have a privacy policy page:

7.your website must have a term and condition page:

8. Your website should well setup:

9. It must have about us page :

10. It Should have a contact us page:

11. It must have a site map :

12. It must have AMP :

13. It must have responsive :

14. It should have at least 25 to 30 articles unique :

15. Must have an SSL certificate :

Its detail here below …….

1. Own domain name:-

for google AdSense approval, you should have your own domains, you can buy from domain registrar sites like godaddy.com, hosting.in/ much more.

2. User own website:-

for Google AdSense approval, you must have one blogging and website.

3. User age at least 18 years old:-

As per google terms and conditions, your age should at least 18 years old.

4. Do not use copyright contents:-

As per google guidelines do not use any copy-right contents in your articles, there are not allowed these types of contents on your site, if you are going to apply for google AdSense approvals.

5. You must own control of your website:-

you must own control of your website:- you must own control your site if you publish any content. you have to know all things about google guidelines as per requirement.

6. Your website should have a privacy policy page:-

The privacy policy is a statement or legal document that reveals some or all ways of collecting, using, revealing, and managing customer or client data.

7. Your website must have a term and condition page:

Because the Terms associated Conditions are an agreement during which you tell your website users regarding rules, requirements, and guidelines that they have to follow to use and access your website, Terms and Conditions become terribly important.

8. your website should well setup:-

Your website must be set well. Your website is set well means the interface of your website must be interesting, which themes you use, the type of page you use like home, blog, about us, privacy policy, terms and conditions, social networking icons such as Facebook, Whatsweb, Twitter, More these all things necessary to increase website credibility.

9. It must have about us page:-

About us, the page means telling us about your website motto, what exactly your work is the type of content you provide, what about the biography and mindset of the company.

10. It Should have a contact us page:

Contact Us, this page is also very important for Google AdSense approval, because here users on this page contact us and communicated by mail, by telephone, us. They share feedback.

11. It must have a site map:-

A site map is a list of pages of websites in the domain. There are three main types of site maps: site maps used during website planning by their designers. List of people-visible, usually hierarchical, pages on the site. A structured list intended for web crawlers such as search engines.

12. It should have AMP:

AMP suggests that accelerated mobile pages. AMP, it is feasible to form easy mobile websites that are loaded almost instantaneously. Amp has been launched in response to projects such as Facebook instant articles, where Facebook can host and make content publishers directly in their news feed, which means the process of seeing a piece of content is much faster than opening a web page that is equivalent to a mobile browser.

13. It must have responsive:-

For the approval of Google AdSense, the website must be a reactive website, its disposition must have a fluid and flexible layout that adjusts according to the size of the screen.

The importance of reactive web design is that it offers optimized exploration experiences. Basically, your website will have a better idea and works well on the desktop (or laptops), tablets, and mobile browsers.

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14. It should have at least 25 to 30 articles unique:

Your website should have at least 3 months. You should have at least 25 to 30 published articles that are unique and valuable for readers.

There is no minimum traffic amount you should have, however more the better

15. It must have an SSL certificate:- When an SSL is not required by AdSense to get checked, it offers your website a better ranking if it has certification and also gives it a better rank for SEO.

It is not necessary for AdSense but helps to get the Google SEO ranking. and it’s a ranking factor

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